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Dr. Salekdeh Joint Agricultural Biotechnology Research Institute of Iran after received his PhD from International Rice Research Institute in 2002. His researches focus on discovering novel pathways and genes involved in crop response to biotic and abiotic stresses. At international level. he is vice president of Asia Oceania Agricultural Proteome Organization (AOAPO), council member of Asia Oceania Human Proteome Organization (AOHUPO),  and chair of Y chromosome Human Proteome Project (HPP). On a national level, Dr. Salekdeh is Cofounder of Iranian Proteomics Society and President elect of society since 2004. He is on a number of editorial boards including Proteomics journal, Journal of Proteome Research, Frontiers in Plant Science and Nature Scientific Reports.  He has published over 130 peer-reviewed international journals and has edited two international books.  

بازدید وابسته همکاری های علمی و تکنیکی سفارت فرانسه
Biotechnology and Bioengeneering of Rice Root Stucture to Enhance Drought Tolerance
Drought is a major constraint of Agriculture worldwide. Root and its structure play an important role in plant adaptation to water stress
بازدید وابسته همکاری های علمی و تکنیکی سفارت فرانسه
A biotechnology approach to develop biopesticide to control sunn pest
The sunn pest, Eurygaster integriceps Puton (Hemiptera: Scutelleridae) is considered as a key pest of cereal in Middle East and threats food security. 
بازدید وابسته همکاری های علمی و تکنیکی سفارت فرانسه
Metagenomics for Enzyme Discovery
A major obstacle for application of lignocellulose from agricultural waste materials for feed and industrial-scale production lies in the inefficient deconstruction of plant material. This is mainly due to the recalcitrant nature of the substrate toward enzymatic breakdown and the relatively high cost and low activity of available hydrolytic enzymes
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